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Jordan is a young state that occupies an ancient land, one that bears the traces of many civilizations. Separated from ancient Palestine by the Jordan River , the region played a prominent role in biblical history. The ancient biblical kingdoms of Moab , Gilead , and Edom lie within its borders, as does the famed red stone city of Petra , the capital of the Nabatean kingdom and of the Roman province of Arabia Petraea. It is among the most politically liberal countries of the Arab world, and, although it shares in the troubles affecting the region, its rulers have expressed a commitment to maintaining peace and stability. The capital and largest city in the country is Amman —named for the Ammonites , who made the city their capital in the 13th century bce. Slightly smaller in area than the country of Portugal, Jordan is bounded to the north by Syria , to the east by Iraq , to the southeast and south by Saudi Arabia , and to the west by Israel and the West Bank. The West Bank area so named because it lies just west of the Jordan River was under Jordanian rule from to , but in Jordan renounced its claims to the area. Jordan has three major physiographic regions from east to west : the desert, the uplands east of the Jordan River, and the Jordan Valley the northwest portion of the great East African Rift System. The desert region is mostly within the Syrian Desert —an extension of the Arabian Desert —and occupies the eastern and southern parts of the country, comprising more than four-fifths of its territory. The landscape is much eroded, primarily by wind.

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Visitors are highly appreciated and respected in Jordan. Jordanians are a social and personable people who are interested in their guests and who hope their guests will be interested in them. Here is what he said:. Most importantly, remember to be authentic and enjoy yourself.

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Jordanian men come from a conservative society where respect of tradition and family are the most important values. Their culture is not as individualistic as many Western countries, as they focus more on the well being of the extended family above all else. Jordanian men are honest, decent, friendly, gentle, and hospitable.

They are taught from youth to be helpful to other people and to do good and charitable things, because it is believed that such things will be rewarded in the next life. Their culture is based on the values of Islam, so be prepared that the man is usually considered as the head of the family, while woman are responsible for domestic duties. Despite this, women in Jordan enjoy considerable freedom when compared with many other countries in the region.

Official language is Arabic though English is widely spoken as well. Islam is the official and most dominant religion. Arid hills and mountains make up most of the country and it has a small coastline on the Red Sea.

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Women pregnant outside marriage also face forcible separation from their newborn children. Amnesty International interviewed a total of people in Jordan between June and October for the report. The organization also met with 10 governmental officials in February and shared key research findings with the Prime Minister. Provincial governors in Jordan misuse a draconian piece of legislation, the Crime Prevention Law, to administratively detain scores of women at any one time.

However, note that men in Jordan never enquire after another man’s wife – not even her name; the conversation should stay strictly on work and children.

Help us continue to fight human rights abuses. Please give now to support our work. Download the full report in English. Download the appendix of the report in English. In Jordan, a child born to a Jordanian mother and a non-Jordanian father is considered a non-citizen in the eyes of the state. In violation of international human rights law, which obliges Jordan not to discriminate against women, Jordanian law allows only fathers to pass citizenship to their children. It does not allow Jordanian women to even confer automatic long-term residency on their children.

Despite government promises to grant these individuals key economic and social rights, non-citizen children of Jordanian women continue to face legal restrictions that trap many of them at the margins of Jordanian society. I give my country everything I am asked to give it. I invest in it, I work in it, I am lawful, I pay my bills. I do everything just like any other citizen. My dignity?

Jordan’s rising polygamy problem sparks controversy

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Jordan urged to stop imprisoning women for defying the wishes of men

How can she guarantee he will not marry again and break up her home? The total number of divorces during the year was 25,, nearly one-third of all marriages. In , there were 20, divorces.

Imprisoned women, stolen children: policing sex, marriage and pregnancy in Jordan documents how women accused of leaving home without.

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Your experience of Jordanian people and is likely to be that they are, almost without exception, decent, honest, respectful and courteous. It seems only right that you should return some of that respect by showing a grasp of some basic aspects of Jordanian customs, Arab and Muslim culture. Continue reading to find out more about In this section we try to explain why, and how to avoid causing upset.

As you travel through the country you will doubtless see dozens of tourists breaking these taboos and others , sometimes unwittingly, sometimes deliberately. Nothing bad happens to them.

10 Customs Only Jordanians Can Understand

All rights reserved. Mofleh Bdoul grew up in the ancient city of Petra , scrambling up the rocky slopes along with herds of goats amid the ruins of tombs and temples. But over the years, he has seen his home transform from remote hinterland into a tourist attraction that draws hundreds of thousands of visitors a year. Now Mofleh is one of just a handful of Bedouins from the Bdoul tribe still living inside the historic site. Although his cave on the back side of Jebal Habis, or Prison Mountain, is just a five-minute climb from the main tourist drag, it feels far removed.

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Perhaps the most noticeable difference between the US and what I have experienced of the Arab world is gender relations. What strikes me the most in this regard is not the fact that most women dress more conservatively than in America; I respect these decisions to dress modestly. It is the ways in which young men and women are expected to communicate and the degrees to which they are allowed to have contact with each other.

To me, the differences are astounding. People in Amman are generally expected to not initiate contact with strangers of the opposite gender. It would appear that the only way young people can meet is through mutual friends who can vouch for high character or in a designated environment university, place of work, family friends, etc.

Get to know the generous people of Jordan more with these 10 traditions that only Jordanians understand.

Despite recent efforts to give women better protections, Amnesty said in a new report published on Wednesday that Jordan still allows the arbitrary detention of women, including when male family members — usually fathers or brothers — complain to the authorities that they have been absent without permission. In Jordan , women require permission from a male guardian to get married if they are under 30 and sex outside marriage is punishable by up to three years in prison. In , Jordan joined an increasing number of Arab countries in scrapping laws that allowed rapists to escape punishment provided they marry their victims.

Amnesty said the country has in recent years carried out a number of reforms, including opening the Dar Amneh safety house for women at risk in July , but the authorities continue to misuse the crime prevention law. Testimonies provided by Amnesty showed those jailed were, in many cases, fleeing abusive environments.

Sawsan not her real name was jailed for more than a year simply for fleeing her abusive father, according to Amnesty. Ola not her real name encountered problems after hospital staff called the police to report her for being pregnant outside marriage. Such unlawful practices must end in all circumstances. Hanan not her real name , a woman aged almost 20, was also jailed for fleeing an abusive home alongside her sister. It is his right. Topics Women’s rights and gender equality.

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I love to write about flowers, tips, how-to guides, and topics about love and relationships. Arab guys are like other guys—you can tell very easily that they like you based on body language, eye contact, flirting, and the typical signs of attraction. But instead of wooing a girl, an Arab man may be confident enough to declare his love for you outright.

The law permits a Jordanian man to marry as many as four women, have had their start date deferred, or have been exempted from serving.

Submitted by Alona Croatia , Jan 2, at I am so glad I found this web site while searching and turning internet upside down in hope to find some answers about the situation I found myself in. Prior to making this comment I want to share with you, I spent TWO MONTHS dedicated into reading and informing myself about Islamic culture, I started to read Quran, I searched for statistic data, I have seen more than youtube videos on women rights in Islam, I talked to my Palestinian friends, to my Turkish friends, my family and I was constantly thinking and observing my brainstorming process.

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